A Hip Hop Class with a Sensual Twist. This class is the perfect mix of sass and sexy! We focus on loving ourselves and building confidence. Your safe space to find YOU. All levels are welcome to attend. The goal is to get out of your head and focus on YOU. Come learn these sensual moves that will have you FEELING YOURSELF. THIS IS NOT A HEELS CLASS but if heels put you in your “mode”…wear them 🙂


THIS IS THE ULTIMATE CARDIO DANCE WORKOUT! We will work every part of your body with a focus on legs, abs and butt. Don’t let the name discourage you.. you do NOT have to know how to twerk. We’ve added in your fav booty rolls to make the workout a fun experience. Who wants a boring workout? This class is beginner friendly and open to all women, ages, sizes and levels. Come have a good time & burn some calories!


Get ready to loosen up and learn a slow, sensual dance routine in a chair with some floor work :). Each class we will learn a new routine and build our confidence in a safe and inviting space. All levels. Knee pads are encouraged.


This class will offer 60 minutes of moderate movement incorporating a 4-inch step platform for adult men and women. Classes will be a blend of old skool and millennium Hip Hop and R&B music. This experience will bring you joy, energy and new friendships.


The perfect fusion between a number of dance styles including Caribbean, African, Hip Hop and Jazz dance. The style is rooted in traditional African dance and music styles, but incorporates mainstream dance moves and influences. Class begins with a warmup followed by a choreographed combination.


Are you looking for a fun way to burn some calories? This CARDIO DANCE class is for you! No experience needed. All levels and ages welcome to attend. This 45 MINUTE class consists of lots of repetitive movement and workouts to your favorite old and new school music. you are sure to sweat!